It’s Party Time in a Lucas Lagoons Custom Swimming Pool in Bradenton, Florida

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          This video includes hanging out with Lucas, his clients, and friends as they enjoy hanging out around this Lucas Lagoons swimming pool.  After hanging out, go for a swim with Lucas under the grotto waterfall, inside the spa, and diving in the pool.  This swimming pool includes a natural stone grotto waterfall, wading area for kids and sunbathing, spa inside the grotto waterfall, beautiful natural stone walls, and tropical landscaping in Bradenton, Florida.  This “It’s Party Time in a Lucas Lagoons Swimming Pool” video is part of a Video Series of parties at Lucas Lagoons swimming pools.

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Walk with Lucas through a Natural Stone Backyard Paradise

Walk with me through our latest outdoor design in Florida.  It is finally finished and includes many features for an outdoor design such as a new swimming pool, stone spa, natural stone grotto waterfall, negative edge, stone walls, stone pillars, travertine bridge, travertine decking, outdoor kitchen, stone fireplace, outdoor fire pit, underwater lighting, tropical landscaping with lighting, bar area next to stone grotto and stone spa, under a pergola.

There are so many features that there is no boring view from any angle, the entire space is a tropical oasis.

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Video 6.8 Setting Grotto Rock Boulders for Natural Stone Grotto Waterfall in Swimming Pool

The grotto rock has been prepared with plumbing and is now ready to be set with the crane.  In this video, you can watch the grotto rock being set perfectly in position.  The process was hours, but we sped it up to minutes for your enjoyment.  It shows the process of cleaning the rock thoroughly and scrubbing away all debris so the mortar has a good seal and a tight fit.  Next we position and re-position the rock a few times until we are sure that it is at the perfect angle.  This free standing natural grotto waterfall has all the plumbing perfectly hidden inside the stone so it can’t be seen from any direction.  Until we can actually turn the pump on, we can only hope it is perfectly set for the even and natural flow of the stone grotto waterfall.

The final images for this new lagoon style swimming pool are available to view now,

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An Introduction to The Exterior Design Video Series

I am putting together a video series for everyone, whether it’s building your own lagoon, building lagoon pools for others, or to discover tips, tricks, and ideas for anyone thinking about their own exterior design plan.  I am accumulating all my design tips into a fun and exciting video series to watch and enjoy.   My knowledge of exterior designing has been developing over the past fifteen years and continues everyday while I design and install beautiful landscapes, grotto water features, lagoon style pools, outdoor kitchens, and so much more.

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Cumulative Questionnaire to Help you Complete your Exterior Design Plan

Start by sketching a layout of the house and existing landscape that will remain and then build your design from there. Make a list of different areas and activities that you would like the space to provide for.  Whether your space is large or small, think about how one area will transition into the next keeping flow with the design and avoiding dead spaces.

1)   When you close your eyes and imagine your ideal getaway, where do you go?

2)   What does that place look like?

3)   Where would you live if it could be anywhere?

4)   Would this place be casual, say on a sandy beach with coconut palms, or a luxurious penthouse with beautiful music?

5)   What style or feeling do you want the landscape to invoke?

6)   Do you want the landscape to show off the house and accentuate the architecture of the home?  Or, do you want it to create privacy and more outdoor living?

7)   Entering this space, what do you see?  What kind of features welcome you?

8)   What necessities are required?  Lighting, fencing, parking, storage, seating, mailbox, water meters, irrigation etc?

9)   Is this a full time or vacation home?

10) How much maintenance will you be able to handle?  Will someone else maintain it?

11) Do you want water features?  What size?  Rushing water or calm?

12) Do you want lighting?  Extravagant and colorful?  Or simple?

13) Do you need parking or storage areas?

14) Do you want space for entertaining or a play area for the kids?

15) What is the overall budget and how can this be broken up into stages if needed?

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Lagoon Style Pool

Lagoon Style Pool

Lagoon Pool with an Outdoor Kitchen and Bar

Having a large area under a roof with open walls makes the space usable with or without perfect weather and creates a beautiful transition from inside to out.

outdoor kitchen and bar

outdoor kitchen and bar

outdoor kitchen closeup

outdoor kitchen closeup

The pool includes a large grotto waterfall with a seating area inside the grotto equipped with jets for the ultimate relaxation.  A planter with a palm was set inside the pool creating an island effect alongside a large boulder.  The boulder offset the flow of the stream flowing from the hot tub to the pool area.  A large flat stone was used as a bridge over the stream.  Large flagstone steps led through the garden and around the back of the waterfall.  The outdoor kitchen with full amenities complements the design.

overhead lagoon pool

overhead lagoon pool

spa and stream

spa and stream

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Outdoor Bedroom by Lagoon Pool

Arriving at Your Final Destination!

outdoor bedroom lagoon pool

outdoor bedroom by lagoon pool

The front yard gave curb appeal and sparked an interest to see more. The side yard maintained that interest as it led to the back.  Upon reaching the back the result you were looking for is achieved. Wow!  Let’s stop here and never leave.  It feels like the ultimate getaway, truly relaxing and inspiring.  This rejuvenating experience is better than any resort because there is no traveling and everything is custom tailored to your specific taste and needs.  Daily relaxation, a place to wash the stress away and to appreciate all that is great in our lives.  Yes, you are Home!

looking at lagoon pool from outdoor bedroom

outdoor bedroom view of lagoon pool

The backyard is a continuation of themes and materials used throughout the rest of the property, plus its own unique additions bringing your indoor living and outdoor landscape together.  No matter how big or small the space; let the design flow and feel open.  Think of the yard as an extension of the home and not a separate area.  The design should complement the architecture of the house and not look like an afterthought.  Personalities of the individuals and interior design of the homes play major part in design concepts.  Whatever design style best suites you, the basic principals are the same.

overhead view of outdoor bedroom and pool

overhead view of lagoon pool and bedroom

view of outdoor bedroom

outdoor bedroom view

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