Natural Rock Waterfall on Tropical Style Pool

Tropical Style Pool with Natural Rock Waterfall

Tropical Style Pool with Natural Rock Waterfall

Lucas Lagoons bring paradise home yet again for another lucky family.  Sporting a strong tropical theme, natural sand bottom, rock waterfall grotto, and a revamped outdoor living space, the homeowners can’t lose.


Video 6.8 Setting Grotto Rock Boulders for Natural Stone Grotto Waterfall in Swimming Pool

The grotto rock has been prepared with plumbing and is now ready to be set with the crane.  In this video, you can watch the grotto rock being set perfectly in position.  The process was hours, but we sped it up to minutes for your enjoyment.  It shows the process of cleaning the rock thoroughly and scrubbing away all debris so the mortar has a good seal and a tight fit.  Next we position and re-position the rock a few times until we are sure that it is at the perfect angle.  This free standing natural grotto waterfall has all the plumbing perfectly hidden inside the stone so it can’t be seen from any direction.  Until we can actually turn the pump on, we can only hope it is perfectly set for the even and natural flow of the stone grotto waterfall.

The final images for this new lagoon style swimming pool are available to view now,

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